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Have you written a book?  

Got a great idea for a film but can't write a screenplay? 

Filmscripts 4 U is the home page of Sandra L. Rogers, screenplay writer and author. 

Do you want to get your script accepted and produced ? This is one of the most competitive areas to break into, with very few open doors. The glamour and potential financial rewards of writing for performance are contrasted with the brutal reality of rejection, or no response at all, which is what is actually experienced by many aspiring writers.

You will receive an honest appraisal of the basic concept of your novel, novella or short story.  Does it lend itself to the screenplay format?  Is it marketable?

If your story can be adapted to a film , your choices will be explained and you will be advised on the best course of action.

Filmscripts 4 U will consider preparation and production of your material to screenplay status, so email Sandra for an assessment, so that she can determine your specific needs. You will then receive a quote based on the format and length of your material.  

The cost of the assessment is based on individual requirements and will be quoted to you upon receipt of relevant information.

Your report will be emailed back to you. We would anticipate that the initial report will take around four weeks.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and find the contents interesting.  Here, you will find samples of completed screenplays, published books and other interesting material to make your visit memorable.  

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